I’ve been AWOL for quite a few weeks now as my husband and I closed on our house and we’ve been busy moving.  I have numerous emails to answer, some comments here on my blog I need to approve and respond to, quite a few more boxes to unpack and when I finish with that, I need to go back and organize each room so I don’t find myself stumbling around looking for something that should be “here” but is actually way over “there”!  I also have the second round of edits on my upcoming e-book, Unwilling Angel, to read through, the book finished right before we closed, Storm Shadows, to polish, and my baby girl–well, okay, she’s not mine really, but she’s my niece, my namesake and my Godchild, so she feels like mine!–is getting married this weekend.  Which means I’ll be out of town for a few days and I need to pack, but I keep putting that little chore off since it seems a little…contradictory.  I’m supposed to be focusing on unpacking now, so how can I pack more things that will only have to be unpacked again.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to get back to blogging until next week but my sister just sent me an email with an incredibly moving You Tube video which is, according to the email, currently taking the Internet and Fox News by storm.  It is, to say the least, a video every single person in America needs to see and take to heart!

Here’s the link:


Watch it and tonight when you’re praying to whatever God you pray to, or counting your blessings for all that you have, or just living your life, I hope you’ll remember to thank all those brave men and women who not only guard our freedom, but often give their lives to ensure that we can continue to enjoy ours.  It’s not enough, won’t ever be enough, but if I learned anything growing up as part of the baby boomer generation, it was to be thankful for those courageous enough to fight for me, for my freedom, for my country and not treat them as if they are some lower form of life for doing what they do.  I may not agree with the people who sent them to do this job, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t respect the ones carrying out that job or the efforts they put forth on my behalf.

And before I forget, a huge thank you to fifteen-year-old Lizzie Palmer who created the video and not only touched my heart, but gave me hope that all the creativity, reverence, and love hasn’t been leached out of our youth–a very hard thing for a teacher to remember sometimes!