Great game last night between the Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers.  Tim Wakefield pitched eight scoreless innings and the offense scored five runs for him.  I love to hear that.  Wish I could’ve seen it too, but you know how it is down here in North Carolina, about the only baseball you get to see on a regular basis is the Atlanta Braves’ games.  Although TBS and ESPN are doing a better job this year of broadcasting games from around the league, my husband isn’t a big fan of baseball and with my tendency to read instead of watch TV, it’s a rare thing these days for me to watch a baseball game.

But I wish I had seen the game last night because I always love to watch Wake pitch.  It amuses me to see him baffle the opposing team with a pitch that just floats over the plate at a slow speed.  For some reason they have a hard time figuring out how to hit it.  I haven’t hit a baseball in longer than I care to remember, but I watch Wake pitch and think, why can’t those guys hit that thing?  I guess it’s because the ball comes in at that diminished speed, they’re used to pitches that pass them by in the blink of an eye and the slowness of Wake’s knuckleball, coupled with the way they dance over the plate are just, IMO, beautiful.  Most of the time the batter’s stand there after Cash catches the ball and the look on their face says it all, like, “What the hell?”  I love that.

Something else happened in the game last night that I love, Ortiz and Manny hit back to back homeruns for the first time this season.  Big Papi’s was, as always, a thing of beauty, but Manny, well, Manny’s was priceless–at least for me, because well, you know how I feel about Manny.  Last night’s was number 497 and that swing of his looks so effortless and easy, like he’s doing what comes natural to him and loving every minute of it.  I keep hearing the ESPN announcers and reading articles written by other sports reporters on-line that say Manny has the sweetest right-hand swing in baseball.  Yep, they got that one right.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m a fangirl of his.  Really, watch it sometime and I think you’ll agree–smooth and easy, his bat just floats through the air, but it’s deadly…

Kind of like Wake’s pitching!

If you’d like to see the videos–I really hope I do this right!–click here and enjoy!  I sure did!