I’ve had an up and down sort of week, filled with highs, lows, and a few moments which felt like I’d somehow gotten lost in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

The highs: hearing from my publisher that she had the ARC of my book and was ready to send it out for reviews, finishing the second chapter of the book my sister and I are writing based on our great aunt’s life, the Red Sox breaking out of their five-game losing streak and getting two walk-off wins against Toronto, and spending the day yesterday with my sister and mom on a pre-Mother’s Day visit to Biltmore.

The lows: the MS medicine–’nuff said on that!–the Red Sox getting swept by Tampa Bay, and my personal brush with the DAM debacle–see my blog entry Will the Real Caitlyn Hunter Please Stand Up? from earlier this week.

As for the Twilight Zone moments, they all stem from that blog post.  After I got home from Biltmore yesterday, I found a comment to the post from Peter Durward Harris, who is one of the key players in the fight against Amazon, DAM, and her unethical behavior regarding reviews.  Here’s what Mr. Harris had to say:

Most people believe that “Caitrina Hunter” is a fake name and very likely a pseudonym for Deborah MacGiillivray. The fact that her blog page is titled “Caitrinia conversations” with an extra “i” near the end of the name reinforces the belief that the name is a fake as most people, however bad their spelling, always get their own name right. Let’s face it, Deborah MacGiillivray is a tricky name for most people to spell correctly, but the woman herself never gets it wrong although the rest of her spelling is generally poor when she doesn’t use a spell-checker.

Given all that, and given that you posted your first blog entry on the Highland Press issue before “Caitrina Hunter” ever appeared on the scene, it is possible that the name was chosen as a deliberate attempt to hijack your identity. If so, it’s backfired so far due to the extra publicity you’ve got, but of course that’s not really the point. Amazon regard impersonation as a serious matter. If you protest to them about “Caitrina Hunter” and they accept your protest, her profile page and reviews will be removed (apparently her offensive comments have already suffered that fate). But that’s up to you. And the wierd blog page (from which I got plenty of laughs – nobody’s ever called me a pimp before) might be harder to get rid of.

Meanwhile, thanks for your kind words on the Amazon romance books forum. After reading that, I found this extra blog entry and I’ve added it to my own blog page.

Along with Steve and the others, I won’t rest until Amazon take appropriate action. If you’re working through the Dear Author stuff on the case, you’ll eventually come to my explanation of my own history with Deborah MacGiillivray and (in a different thread) my reference to her “kitty goes zoom” review. Once I found that this same woman was the cause of all the trouble at Highland Press and the threats to Reba Belle, these things help explain why I am particularly motivated to sort this issue out. As the “Caitrina Hunter” blog shows, we are dealing with a potentially very dangerous woman. She must be stopped.

First, let me state that I stand firmly with the people on the Amazon romance forum who are calling for Amazon to stand up and deal with this whole wretched situation.  Mr. Harris is right when he says DAM must be stopped, and given everything I’ve read about her, not to mention the emails and messages written by her, she is a “potentially very dangerous woman.”  In my opinion, Amazon should never have let this thing continue, they should’ve stepped in when it was first reported and at least said they were going to look into the deleted reviews and the threats which were being issued by an author to reviewers.

Second, if it is true that Caitrina Hunter is actually DAM and the choosing of the name “Caitlin Hunter” was intentional and meant to hijack my identity and possibly smear my reputation, well, then the gauntlet’s been thrown and I intend to accept it.  I will report this to Amazon–although I really don’t have any hopes of them even responding to my protest–and I will not back down to DAM and her horrific behavior.

To be fair, Caitrina Hunter recently changed her profile and it now says she isn’t DeborahAnne MacGillivray and her real name is Kicki Hunter.  Quite a change from what it was before.  My first thought on reading it was Roger Clemens would have a better chance of convincing me he’s actually a good guy and never once took HGH.  Those of you who’ve read any of my posts about Mr. Clemens can probably guess that I’m not buying Ms. Hunter’s new profile.  FTR, I freely admit that my reaction may have been colored by her pulling the “feel sorry for me because I’m in ill health” card–I really hate that!

Beyond that Ms. Hunter, the name “Kicki”.  Somebody’s been doing their research, huh?  Kudos to whoever it is for reading my sister’s latest book and noticing on the acknowledgement page that the character of “Giki” was taken from the name my family calls me; Giki–pronounced with a hard “g” and rhyming with “icky”–or for that matter “Kicki.”  Hmmm…you’re either batshit crazy like I said, or you’re like a little child acting out to try to get attention.  Kicki, indeed.

Anyway, third, Amazon seems to be targeting my sister’s latest book by removing the discount on sales.  They pretty much ignored her protests and when they finally did respond to her numerous emails would only tell her that it’s their choice which authors are given a discount on books and not to email them about it any more.  Her sales have fallen drastically since they did this and all they’ll tell her is, essentially, “shut up and go away.”  Pardon me, but WTF?

After reading Mr. Harris’ comment, I have to wonder if she’s being targeted because of her connection to me.  If DAM has decided to make me pay for my comments about her unethical behavior here on my blog, isn’t it conceivable that she found my sister’s connection to me and decided to strike out at her because of me?  We all know DAM has some mysterious hold over Amazon, though we don’t know what it is.  Maybe she knows something about them that they don’t want to get out, or hell…who knows?  I don’t, but given the fact that I’ve mentioned my sister a couple of times on my blog, her name is featured on my web site and on my blogroll here, and the only reviews I’ve ever done at Amazon were on her books…well, it doesn’t take a genius to come to the conclusion that someone, somewhere made the connection and so, she’s being punished because of me.

And that thoroughly pisses me off.  Enough that I will not give up on this fight.  So, listen up, DAM, Caitrina or Kicki–or whoever the hell you are–and Amazon, I refuse to buckle under to your bullying tactics, even if it does mean committing career suicide before my career even gets off the ground.

And, BTW, DAM, if you really are Caitrina Kicki Hunter, I owe you a sincere and heartfelt thank you.  Your attempt to drag my pseudonym through the mud and smear my reputation backfired.  You’ve done me a huge favor by getting my name out there and we all know how important name recognition is in this game.

I’ve picked up your gauntlet and am tossing it back in your face so…what’s it going to be?

Pistols at dawn?

Your call.