Haven’t been moved to post anything here for a week or so, though I have been writing…er, researching life in North Carolina in the early 20th century.  Ugh!  I now know why writing a historical romance never had any appeal for me–way too much research!  I have a love/hate relationship with research–sometimes I find it fascinating and others it bores me to tears.  But, if you’re going to write about another time you’d better do your research.  Because I guarantee if you don’t, you’re going to make a mistake and sooner or later someone’s going to catch it.  If you’re lucky, it’ll be one of your critique partners or maybe even your editor, but if it slips by those eagle eyes and gets out to the reading public, well, then, all I can say is you get what you deserve.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about…well, actually, now that I think of it, that is what this post is about–an author making a serious mistake and getting caught.

Okay, so a little backstory here.  A couple of days ago, my sister emailed me and called my attention to a thread at the Amazon romance forum: “Help!  My negative reviews are being deleted!”  Which, as I’m sure you guessed, has to do with DeborahAnne MacGillivray and her nefarious practice of getting what she considers negative reviews of her books deleted from Amazon.  I read the comment my sister highlghted and, well, let’s just say I panicked a little bit.

Why?  Because the commenter, Steven Hedge, wasn’t too happy with an author named–drumroll, please–“Caitlin Hunter.”  I picked up on the different spelling immediately of course, but still I had one of those OMGWTF! moments, thinking he was talking about me and wondering what I’d done to upset him so much.  So, after a full five minutes of staring at that name, I came to my senses enough to comprehend what I was reading and realized he wasn’t talking about me at all, but about another author.  The next comment–thank goodness!–had a link to the alleged Caitlin Hunter’s Amazon page which I immediately clicked on…

only to see the author’s name was “Caitrina Hunter.”  Whew!  Close, but no bananas.  Still, I posted to the thread and identified myself and my pseudonym, saying I hoped when my book comes out in August and is available on Amazon, the readers involved in this thread wouldn’t mistake me for her.  Mr. Hedge was kind enough to understand where I was coming from and responded with an apology then went back and corrected his mistake.  I wrote him back to thank him and then didn’t think much more about it.

But I did subscribe to the email feed on the thread and a few minutes ago a post came through saying Caitrina Hunter had posted something on a blog which everyone there needed to see to believe.

Well, that was an understatement.  I’ve now read her post three times and I still can’t believe the vitriol spilling out of this woman’s keyboard.  Seriously, this is much more than an author behaving badly, this is an author who appears to be teetering on the edge of insanity.

Here’s the link, if you’d like to read it for yourself.  Fair warning, it’s not very pretty and I sincerely hope Ms. Hunter comes to her senses and takes it down–soon!  We’ve all seen authors behaving badly before and I guess nothing should surprise us these days after all the stuff that’s come to light in the past few weeks about Ms. MacGillivray, but this one, well, I’m…speechless.  Beyond the petty viciousness of the entire thing, I can’t imagine any romance author having the nerve to call out Nora Roberts, much less the Ja(y)nes at Dear Author.

<sigh>  I guess this is what they mean when they say someone is TSTL (too stupid to live).  Although, I’m thinking maybe we need an entirely new acronym for this one: TITIWOH (too insane to interact with other humans).

The thing is…I keep hearing how important name recogition is to an author and how I need to get my name out there and get it noticed, but damn!  I hope and pray by the time August rolls around and my book is released, all this will have blown over and no one will remember her name.  I’d really hate to have to come up with a new pseudonym, but if people see my name and connect me with her, I might have no other choice.  Because well, batshit crazy is not what I want people thinking when they see the name Caitlyn Hunter!

On the other hand, they say even bad publicity is good publicity, so…

Edited to add:  Mr. Hedge has gone above and beyond the call, apologizing to me not only on Amazon, but also on Dear Author and I’d like to offer a special thank you to him for his graciousness.  And really, what author wouldn’t want a someone like him in her corner?  It makes me question Caitrina Hunter’s sanity even more.  So, Mr. Hedge, my heartfelt thanks and I really hope Amazon has the good sense to listen to you, Reba and the others and do the right thing regarding this situation.