I went back on the MS medicine this morning and just like last time, it’s kicking my butt.  So, I apologize in advance if this entry is a little garbled, but I wanted to get the word out there on another publisher behaving badly, this one a “self-publishing print on demand publisher.”  I got a comment this morning on my blog from an author who is published with Pagefree.  I’d never heard of them, so I went and checked them out at Piers Anthony, and sure enough, there’ve been complaints.  Same thing at Preditors and Editors and there’s an interesting page on both sites for people who’ve published with this publisher.  Apparently, the authors of some of their books aren’t happy and they’re not keeping silent about it.

<sigh one!>  Looks like unscrupulous behavior isn’t limited only to the world of e-publishing.  You can find her comment on yesterday’s post, “Another kick in the guts from e-publishers.”

In other news, the Deborah Anne MacGillivray thing is still front and center and the more I read about this woman, the more sickening it is.  I mean, come on, having a group of people whose only task seems to be getting negative reviews deleted from Amazon is bad enough, but the emails this woman’s putting out are hideous.  She is, of course, in denial about the whole thing and is busily deleting the emails and anything else she can find that make her look bad, but thankfully, some bloggers who are more computer literate than I am know how to find that kind of stuff.  I’ve heard it said that elephants never forget, but I’m thinking we may need to change that to the Internet never forgets.  Anyway, there’s another thread going on at Dear Author which makes for very interesting–and a little frightening!–reading.

<sigh two!>

The thing is…Ms. MacGillivray–or DAM as they’re calling her on these threads and isn’t that just the perfect name for her?–has always been a very active and vocal member of one of the romance author groups I belong to.  Since all this started happening, she’s been conspicuously silent…except to send through a couple of messages about what’s going on with Amazon, one of them with a petition for people to sign protesting what Amazon is doing.

WTF?  She’s had her cake and scarfed it down at Amazon for quite a while, and now she’s biting the hand that feeds her.

Now, I don’t know Ms. MacGillivray and never read anything by her, but really, WTF is she thinking?  Judging by what she’s accused of doing on Amazon, the way she seems to be actively trying to get them to stop their bullying of publishers, plus the fact that she’s been lying to RWA about her status as a publisher, not to mention, her typo-ridden, grammar-challenged emails, I have to say this woman is definitely not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.  Possibly the nuttiest acorn on the oak, but DAM–pun intended, see, I told you it was a good name!–can she make herself appear any more foolish?

<sigh three!>  And, I’m out!