First, there was the unfurling of the World Series Champion banner–yippee and yahoo!–then came the presentation of the rings–was it just me, or did the picture of Big Papi showing off his two rings along with the one of Paps admiring his one, say it all?–and then we had…Buckner.  Buckner?  Yeah, that’s right, Bill Buckner back at Fenway and I have to say, I’m proud of the way the Boston fans greeted him.  And that press conference afterward?  Well, emotional is putting it mildly.

The thing is…I never really considered how the whole 1986 um, Buckner bauble and the treatment he received from the fans and press affected his family.  And okay, I admit it, not so much him, either.  I think it would be safe to say most Red Sox fans didn’t think about him or his feelings, but I’m so glad they didn’t boo him when he returned to Fenway last night.  Maybe now, he can put that part of his life behind him, or at least accept that Red Sox Nation is willing to forgive and forget.  Okay, maybe not forget, but with two World Series championships in our pockets, we’ve put it behind us.  So, I offer my formal apology to Buckner for all the nasty things I ever thought or said about him and I hope he feels better about the whole thing.

After all the ceremony, it was time to play some ball–and play some ball is exactly what my boys did.  From Dice-K going 6 2/3 scoreless innings–is it possible he’s going to surpass Josh Beckett this season and become our ace in the hole?–to the outstanding offense and their five runs–of which my man, Manny was responsible for one.  Yay, Manny!–it was an opening night to remember, not to mention a big relief for me–and I’m sure most of the rest of Red Sox Nation! 

Tonight, we have Jon Lester going against the Tigers’ Bonderman and…who knows what will happen?  That’s one of the best things about baseball–or any sport for that matter–you just never know.  So, beyond the penchant of most professional athletes to utter those infamous words, “you know”, every ten seconds when they’re talking or being interviewed–and don’t even get me started on that personal pet peeve–the thing is…we don’t know. 

The only thing I do know, is I’ll keep watching and cheering for my favorite teams and players, and I’ll occassionally write about what’s happening with my boys–but not too often, because, well, you know how superstitious I am.  Wouldn’t want to jinx the chance for a repeat!

Speaking of repeats, congratulations to Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols–you did us proud again, ladies! 

Rocky Top, you’ll always be,
Home sweet home to me;
Good ol’ Rocky Top,
Rocky Top, Tennessee!