Wow, a lot of things happened while I was away on vacation!  I’ll try to keep this short, but fair warning, it may run a tad long.  Hmm, maybe I should break it down in categories…

First up, baseball.  Not feeling too happy with my boys right now, but hey, we’re only six games into the season and they have plenty of time to pull out of this hole they’ve dug themselves into–last place in the AL East.  Ugh, I hate saying that, but those are the facts and everybody knows Boston has one of the toughest schedules in the majors during April, so I’m not angsting over it–too much!  I am glad they made it back from Japan safely and truthfully, I didn’t expect them to do well following that long trip.

I’m taking comfort in the thought that after 18 days, four cities, and three countries, they had to be exhausted and the losses in the past week probably have them feeling as frustrated as the fans.  Tomorrow is opening day at Fenway and after today’s off day, I’m hoping they’ll be rested enough that they’ll be able to pull off a win against the Tigers.  Playing at home is always better and as Scarlet O’Hara said, tomorrow’s another day.  Let’s hope so!

Second, Amazon.  Grrr!  They’re flexing their considerable muscle and trying to force publishers to switch to their POD company, BookSurge, a move that has the potential to seriously hurt small press publishers and their authors.  I’m a newbie at this whole print thing–my first print book won’t be out until August–and don’t really understand all of it, but from what I’ve read the whole thing sucks.  I know my publisher is working to alleviate any worry for its authors and coming up with appropriate plans to keep our books out there, but I really don’t like Amazon right now.  Suffice it to say, they’ll get no more of my business until they stop acting like the playground bully and stop employing these kinds of scare tactics. 

And speaking of my publisher, they just sent through the link to a humorous assessment by Jock Stewart on his Morning Satirical News blog about what’s been going on with Amazon:  Nile Books Tells Publishers ‘We’re the Only Game in Town.’  Take a few minutes to read it, you’ll appreciate the humor, even if you’re not an author with a book to sell on Amazon.

They–L&L Dreamspell–also just sent their authors some good news about Barnes and Noble where our books are concerned.  It’s too complicated to go into here–and yeah, being a newbie, I don’t understand it all–so I’ll just say it’s further proof that this publisher really knows how to take care of their authors!  Thanks L&L!

Third, the world of e-publishing.  I understand the owner of New Concepts is still sending out bitchy emails about what’s going on with them.  I’m not saying they’re going down, but if I were one of their authors, I’d be busy circling the wagons against attacks from this woman and her shady unprofessional business dealings.  And please, please, if you’re an aspiring author, listen to everything that’s being said and avoid this publisher at all costs.

Dark Eden Press is now officially closed and I’ve heard the authors all received their rights back from the owner.  I’ve also heard some rumblings which lead me to believe this closing wasn’t really a matter of personal illness and that the owner has done a few things which give some people the impression that she’s not handling the closing as professionally as she’d like everyone to believe.  Don’t know what the truth is here and I’m reluctant to bring this up, but it has me wondering–especially after seeing a copy of an email to her authors from one of the owner’s pals (?) that said they had so many submissions to one of their lines that they decided to “give” them to another e-publisher.  WTF?  Can they do that?  And if they can, did they bother to check with the authors of those submissions first?  Because I’ve heard some rumblings about the publisher they chose to “give” them to and I don’t think if I was one of those authors, I’d be very happy about this.  Sure, it’s a chance to be published, but given the word I’ve heard on this particular publisher, I think I’d run as fast as I could in the other direction before signing with them–and I have to wonder how many new authors will know to check them out thoroughly before they sign?

Okay, that’s enough for now.  This thing is way too long so I’ll have to save the news about my vacation for a different post.  See ya’ later!