In an earlier post today, I talked about March Madness and the Romance world coming together in the DA BWAHA tournament.  Well, this seems to be a day for world collisions since it happened again just a few minutes ago–at least in my mind.

As an author, you just never know where you’re going to find inspiration for a story and I’ve come to the conclusion that blog posts fall under that same unpredictable umbrella.  I was reading the MLB Fanhouse blogs and came across the big brou-ha-ha in Florida about the Red Sox players boycotting today’s spring-training game and the trip to Japan if MLB didn’t pony up the money promised to the coaches and staff for the trip.  A lot of people were giving my boys a hard time about this, saying they make enough money to pay the coaches and staff out of their own pockets.

I don’t get that, and maybe it’s just the baby-boomer in me, but why in the hell are fans aiming their vitriole at the players over this?  Seems to me their acid comments would be better directed to MLB.  The players are only standing up for their friends and fellow staff members and trying to right a wrong.  

Okay–bear with me, I promise I do have a point here!–so, I was sent a message on MySpace a few days ago from a Rabid Cassie Edwards Fangirl.  She called me a bitch and said the reason I was being so mean to Ms. Edwards is because I’m jealous that Ms. Edwards has sold more books than I have and because her name is more well-known than mine. 

That’s true on both counts, Ms. Edwards is better known and has sold more books, but I’m not in the least bit jealous of her.  In my opinion, she’s a plagiarist and that makes her a cheat and a thief.  I wouldn’t trade places with her for all the money in the world, because regardless of her status as a best-selling author, cheating and stealing are wrong.  If that’s what it takes to get ahead in the world, well, count me out.

The thing is…the Red Sox players did exactly what I would’ve done in their shoes.  They saw a wrong and were brave enough to stand up and try to make it right–which is all I’m trying to do when I walk into a bookstore and hide all the Cassie Edwards books I can find.  It’s my way of righting a wrong and I’ll keep doing it as long as she and her publishers continue to sell her books–see, told you I had a point!

I’m not jealous of Cassie Edwards and/or her money.  If anyone does their job and does it well, I think they’re entitled to compensation, but…

if someone lies, cheats, or steals in that job, well…sorry, but that’s wrong.  I don’t care if that makes me a jealous bitch in the eyes of some people and really, I think Ms. Edwards, if she ever admits she was wrong to do what she did, might just agree with me.