The ladies over at Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books and Dear Author offer up a special treat for me today; the DA BWAHA Tournament, a March Madness bracket-type contest for the romance lover/sports fan in all of us.  Details can be found at either of the sites.

Basketball isn’t my sport, baseball is what does it for me–with a little football thrown in during the off-season–but while I wait for the official start of baseball season and agonize over the fact that my team will be winging their way to Japan today–I’m one of those who believes if God had meant for us to fly, he would’ve given us wings–I can entertain myself and keep my mind off of plane crashes, thanks to the creativeness of the Smart Bitches and Dear Author.

Wow!  That was some run-on sentence, wasn’t it?  Deep breath…

The thing is…who knew there were so many sports fans out there in Romance Land?  I mean, I’ve caught mention of sports–mainly football or soccer–several times on the romance blogs I frequent, but, this just blew me away!  If you look at the bracket set-up, it’s obvious SB and DA put a lot of thought into this thing.  It’s awesome and should be loads of fun as we wait not so patiently for baseball season to start.

Check it out–before seven pm, EST today.  Sorry for the short notice, I’ve been AWOL for the last couple of days working on the blurb for the back cover of Snow Shadows–less than five months till the release!–and excerpts from a couple of my upcoming books which Lisa and Linda at L&L Dreamspell generously offered to add to the back pages–woo-hoo!

To the Red Sox–safe trip!

Update:  Deadline for bracket entries has been extended to midnight EST!  Details and everything you ever needed to know about DB BWAHA here.  Go on, click on it!