I caught a post over at SB/TB late last week about Cassie Edwards.  It seems she’s released not one, but three books since she was officially outed by the Smart Bitches team as a plagiarist.  Grrr!  I would’ve posted about this sooner, but I had to go see–and hide–the books for myself!

So now that I’ve done my civic author duty and worked off a little of my mad in the process, I have a few things to say about Ms. Edwards’ new books.

First the titles:

Savage Wrongs

Savage Lies

Savage Darkness

What is this, her autobiography in three parts?  Because, you know, those first two pretty much describe her life so far and the last one, IMO, describes that special corner of hell which is at this moment being prepared especially for her.

Beyond that, the word “Savage” really gets to me and I wish, if she continues to write and her publishers continue to publish her–don’t even get me started on them!–she’d drop that word.  Seriously, it makes me want to go for her throat and show her what the word really means!

The thing is…she claims she’s proud of her Native American heritage, but I think that’s just another of her lies.  She probably only says it because she thinks it’ll sell more books.  Come on Cassie, get a clue here!  Every time you use that word in the title of one of your books, it’s an insult to Native Americans everywhere–even me, a Twinkie who only has a tiny little drop of Cherokee blood!  And if you think your ancestors would be proud of you when they saw the those titles, think again.

Okay, so that takes care of clueless Cassie.  Now, on to the next thing that has to do with Native Americans.  On that post, some of the comments had to do with a feather that appears on the cover of the first book listed above–please don’t make me type that word again!–and several people wondered if the feather was supposed to be a quill.  Then some brainless idiot–a relative of Cassie’s, possibly?–posted and said it couldn’t be a quill because “savages didn’t use quill pens.  They didn’t have written language!”

*foaming at the mouth here*

Seriously, I’m almost as pissed about that one comment as I am about the fact that Cassie Edwards still has books coming out.  

Listen up!  The Cherokee have had a written language since 1821 and a newspaper since 1828.  It took 12 years for Sequoyah to develop the syllabary, but once he finished, it took less than a year before every Cherokee speaking person alive could read it. 

I didn’t respond to the comment over there because, well, I hate to call someone an idiot to their cyber-face, but I can’t resist here on my own blog:

Don’t tell me, let me guess, you get all your facts about Native Americans from reading Cassie Edwards’ books, right?  Here’s a sample of the Cherokee written language:  U-nv-tsi-da u-yo-hu-sv*

* brain dead (the closest I could come to stupid in Cherokee)

Edited to add:  Oops!  Forgot the link:  http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/index.php/weblog/cover_snark1/