My sister forwarded this to me the other day and since the upcoming Presidential election is very much on people’s minds right now, I thought I’d pass it on.
Go ahead, click on the link, take the quiz and let it tell you who you really want to vote for.  But fair warning, as it says, you might just be surprised!
The subject of the quiz is the Presidential Candidates – very interesting analytical tool
This quiz Takes about 1-2 minutes.    Having trouble deciding who to vote for in  2008?
This quiz will compare  your answers with “ALL” candidates – Republican, Democrat, Other and what they support.

From your answers the candidates will be scored and placed in an order that best reflects your thoughts on the issues.

I found this to be of interest  …. It did not select the candidate I had expected!  
Of even more interest was which candidates were way down the list – and  why.
Click on the website  below: I’m sure you’ll want to pass this along to  friends …

I suggest you do it without disclosing who your candidate was before and after the survey!
This is your own personal survey.   You might be very surprised – AND

NO!!!  This is not a joke – it is for real and very enlightening

For me, this confirmed that the candidate I intend to vote for is really the person I want in the White House, so I’m good.  But it got me thinking, if another name had popped up, would I be open-minded enough to change my vote?  Well, hmmm, maybe…
The thing is…I used to be a die-hard Democrat but as I’ve gotten older my views on politics–and many other things–have changed.  My husband calls me a politician’s worst nightmare because I don’t usually vote a straight party ticket.  I look at each candidate and vote for the one I think will do the most good–doesn’t matter if they are Democrat or Republican, male or female, black or white, or whatever–I’m voting for the one I think will be best for this country.
So, I probably would look at that candidate and I might even change my vote.  And in the long run, freedom of choice is what an election is all about.  Right?