No, I’m not talking about another e-publisher biting the dust–although there have been some recent rumblings about trouble at one of the more established houses, but that’s all they are right now…distant rumbles and we’ll have to wait to see how it plays out–what I’m talking about here is football.  Next to baseball, football is my sport of choice.  What’s my favorite team?  Well, hmm, that’s a problem for me.

I’m a big fan of the New England Patriots and have been ever since 2001 when Tom Brady replaced an injured Drew Bledsoe in a game against the New York Jets.  Brady wasn’t spectacular, but he caught my eye and I remember telling my husband he was going to take the Pats to the Super Bowl.  It was just a little feeling I had.  Well, who doesn’t like to be proved right?  I do and so, the Pats became a favorite.

But…I also like the Indianapolis Colts for the same reason–their quarterback.  You see, I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee, and anybody who grows up in Knoxville knows that the only team in town is the UT Vols.  Up until we moved to Maine, my husband and I used to have season tickets and I watched Peyton Manning play many a game at Neyland Stadium.  He was a favorite too, not just because he was a good football player, but for the fact that he turned down a chance to go pro and stayed with UT during his senior year.  That doesn’t happen very often and I really liked him for that.

So now, as I have for the last six years, I find myself not knowing who to cheer for, the Pats or the Colts.  And a lot of Pats fans don’t understand that.  In fact, I’d say most Pats fans don’t understand it.  Manning is arguably their most hated opponent and saying I like him and his team is…well…them’s fightin’ words to some people.

The thing is…for me, it’s a win-win situation.  I’m pretty sure they’re going to be playing each other in the post-season, just like they have in years past.  Peyton won last year, so maybe this year it’s Tom’s turn.  Who knows?

All I know is I can’t wait for the Super Bowl.  Not only am I pretty sure one of my favorite quarterbacks will be there, but when it’s all over and done with, it won’t be long until spring training starts.  Yay!