Okay, I’m pretty much a computer idiot and don’t have time to figure out how to incorporate my Live Journal blog here, so I’m just going to add it to the blogroll and if anyone wants to check it out, well, have at it!

So, that’s the first thing I don’t like, but that’s hardly the fault of WordPress.  Another dislike, I can’t press my delete key and get rid of the useless words my computer has a tendency to spit out when I’m not paying attention.  Instead, I have to use the backspace key which isn’t hard to do, but it’s hard to re-train myself to do that.  You’d think I would be used to it already, because I do post quite a bit to Yahoo groups, and you have to do that on some of them.  But when I’m writing, particularly when I’m editing, I always place the cursor at the beginning of something I want to erase and press the delete key.  Don’t know why I do that, my husband says it’s weird, but that’s how I’ve done it since I started writing and I’m sure it’s going to be a long time before I change.

Now, for the likes; I’m impressed with all the options and I’m sure I’ll be even more impressed when I figure out how to use them.  I also like the array of background choices and think the one I chose is really pretty–else why would I choose it, right?

Not much more to say right now, I’ve already posted an entry on LJ this morning and done some work on my website.  I need to quit playing around and get busy on a cover letter for a novella I want to get into one of my publishers this weekend.  I also should fill out my profile here, but that will probably have to wait since I just noticed the “Post Slug” option in the lower right hand corner.

Hmmm, a perfect description of how I feel today so maybe it’s meant to be.